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When services have been rendered and you are seeking to be paid monies owed, time is of the essence when recording a Satisfaction of Lien Claim. That’s when you will appreciate the enormous time-savings and convenience of electronic document recording.

When you need the recorded Satisfaction of Lien Claim to receive payment, E-Recording Inc. can record it within hours, even minutes. Now, you can accomplish so much more when you don’t have to get bogged down in endless administrative processes involved in the antiquated process of paper document recording. Convenience, efficiency, and speed are just a few of the many benefits you will derive from E-Recording’s affordable services.

Actually, you will find very quickly that you can’t afford not to file documents electronically when the savings of time, energy and materials are so enormous with E-Recording Inc. We act as your personal Clerk by submitting your documents to the County Clerk’s office for recording in the Public Records. Once the County Clerk records your document, you will receive a recorded copy showing the Official Record book and Page.

Here’s a copy of the Florida Statute relating to Satisfaction of Lien Claim:

F.S. 713.20

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