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A legal claim to property as security against money owed, a Claim of Lien can be recorded within hours, even minutes by E-Recording Inc. Don’t miss your deadline to record your Claim of Lien. E-Recording takes the hassle out of recording. No more trips to the courthouse, no more costs associated with paper recording, no more time lost in unnecessarily laborious recording processes. Save money, time and energy by using E-Recording Inc.

From the convenience of your desk, simply download your document to E-Recording Inc. and the rest is easy. E-Recording steps in, becoming your personal clerk. We will submit your document to the County Clerk’s office for recording in the Public Records. After the Clerk records your document; a recorded copy showing the Official Record Book and Page will be delivered back to you.

Typically, the Claim of Lien document is utilized by the Construction industry, including construction companies, contractors and sub-contractors throughout the State of Florida. It is also used by Attorneys for Condominium HOAs and Hospital Administrators. If you routinely submit documents for recording and haven’t tried our service yet, call us today. You will wonder why you waited so long before enjoying the numerous benefits of electronic document recording.

Here’s a copy of the Florida Statute relating to Claim of Lien:

F.S. 713.08

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