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Attention Contractors: Don’t delay your job start, waiting for your permit. Let E-Recording handle the recording of your Notice of Commencement and get your job started on time, as promised. As a service to our customers, E-Recording Inc. will send a recording affidavit with the recorded Notice of Commencement

Let us simplify the submittal and recording process while increasing your productivity and streamline your workflow. E-Recording Inc. records your document within hours, often within minutes. Your involvement is minimal because we handle the details for you electronically and simply, thus freeing you up to pursue other business.

We help you to check and correct errors before submitting your documents, thereby eliminating unnecessary document rejections. Our service increases your productivity and streamlines your workflow.

E-Recording is a low-cost Web-based solution that eliminates the old, expensive and time consuming paper-based processes involved in recording documents with the County Clerk.

Here’s a copy of the Florida Statute relating to Notice of Commencement:

F.S. 713.13

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